How Much Space?

Tenants’ Rules of Thumb

The general rule of thumb is to allow 100 to 250 usable Sq ft per person depending upon the type and style of the business. This figure can vary based upon special needs such as extra-large conference rooms or storage requirements, but will include normal amenities within a general use office. For an accurate determination of space requirements, an office space planner should be consulted. Office Space Finder is able to assist with this service.

Standards to Help You Estimate

The following standards can be used to help estimate the amount of usable space required for your business.

Typical Managing Director or Chairman of the Board

300 to 390 Sq ft

Typical Director’s Office

260 to 300 Sq ft

Typical Executive’ s Office

195 to 260 Sq ft (2 windows in length)

Partitioned Open Space

Clerical Supervisor or Manager 160 to 190 Sq ft

General office Space

Clerical or Secretary 130 to 160 Sq ft

Open Plan Offices

Workstations with computer core, credenza, pedestal, acoustic screens, etc. 85 Sq ft


Seating 10 – 14 people 270 – 420 Sq ft