A Portal Between East and West

Known as the trading hub of the Middle East, the city of Dubai has never let its geographical size hinder its achievements. Under the guidance of the UAE’s ruling family, this dynamic city has made its way to the top – at admirable speed – seeing itself at par with other leading financial markets across the globe.

This vibrant city continues to have the twin advantages of strategic location and world class infrastructure. Backed by years of trading heritage, a focused vision and a diasporic population that thrives on ambition

Combined with the leadership of the visionary His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, this is what makes Dubai the dynamic city that it is.

Located in the Middle East, and in the center of the gulf, the UAE’s physical location has proved a major advantage time and again. This dynamic city is where the best of both worlds – of East and West, and of tradition and technology – meet in harmony.

A gateway to launch your business couldn’t be better served by any city other than Dubai.

Life in Dubai – At Par with the Global Best

A cosmopolitan, buoyant and cheerful collection of cultures and lifestyles that blends the dynamism of the West with the charm of the Orient, Dubai is a city with about 50 different nationalities per square meter – that’s more diverse than some of the world’s biggest cities.

A place that offers a life of comfort, Dubai is more than just the Middle East’s gateway; it’s a city that chooses to be an ambassador and a host at the same time.

Dubai is a planned city with a brilliant transportation system and a plethora of choices to live in, ranging from smart condos to plush villas, with culinary and entertainment choices that span from opera nights to deep sea diving. A city that has on offer a life in the sun, and a chance to live it.